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Avoiding tax risks and maximizing your benefits.

How to avoid tax risks and maximize benefits with latest tax policies is always one of the most concerned problems for each enterprise. You are encouraged to seek reliable and professional tax advisors.

■ Tax Review

We are experienced in reviewing tax burden, avoiding tax risks and providing reliable and effective tax advices in light of your enterprise's financial position, business operation modes and geographic locations. Our experiences and knowledge can increase value for you.

■ Tax Planning

Our senior tax advisors help enterprises to realize the tax planning optimization with their rich experiences through understanding enterprises' investment plans, business scope and enterprise structure. Our review covers turnover taxes, income taxes, national and local tax preferences, etc. Based on the above understanding and fully analysis, we will give you our professional advices.

■ Tax Declaration Agency

According to PRC tax laws and regulations, enterprises need to properly file tax returns and pay taxes quarterly (mainly for Enterprise Income Tax) or monthly (other taxes). Our professionals are able to calculate the tax amount and properly fill in the tax returns for you. Properly doing this will not only prevent future tax risks but also improve your enterprise's operation efficiency.

■ Other Annual Tax Work Agency

Our tax executive can perform other annual tax work agency services such as:
    ·Annual Enterprise Income Tax Settlement
    ·Annual Verification of VAT General Tax Payer

Our professional level and experiences can improve your work efficiency and optimize the tax structure.

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