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Arrival of new economy era and the trend of globalization lead more and more foreign businesses to the idea of doing business in China. How do you cope in a world that is constantly changing?

We are aimed at being your right hand to developing your business in China.

■ Perennial Accounting Advisory Service

Our senior accountancy advisors are continuously updating finance and accounting information including accounting principles, tax laws and regulations, foreign exchange regulations and the latest policy of foreign investment, etc.

Assigned consultants will answer financial problems in your business by predetermined way such as conference call, email or live interview. We will help you widen vision and understand financial tax environment in mainland of China as a connection bridge between China and the world.

Advisory on investment in China

We are glad to introduce economic environment, tax, accountancy environment, legal environment, and even culture of China in detailed as a connection bridge of developing market and understanding investment environment in China. Just tell us your business plan and your queries or concerns, we would be very glad to answer them, explain them, and assist you in finding out the best practical solution.

We can help you understanding more though the Chinese environment could have been unfamiliar to you in the first place because we are proud to witness many of our clients are now doing their businesses smoothly and successfully in China.

■ Financial Due Diligence

By means of inspecting financial records, we perform extensive review of the target enterprises' financial position, operation results, cash flows, creditability, solvency, and management performances, and then we issue due diligence reports to acquiring firms for reference.

We usually perform the following work for the due diligence services (scopes can also be based on your specific requests):
    · Evaluating overall operation status, structure and management level of the target enterprises;
    · If required, restate financial statements under accounting principles in the nation of acquiring firms;
    · Assessing the target enterprises' financial status and operation result through our professional business performance review;
    · Understanding contingencies and commitment matters, etc.;
    · Performing specific tax review on tax compliance of target enterprises;
    · Other investigations and reviews;

We provide illustrative and detailed due diligence report (in Chinese or English) for acquisition negotiations’ reference after fieldwork.

■ IPO Advisory

Many entrepreneurs are considering about scale expansion and popularity improved by raising funds through domestic or overseas capital markets now. With experiences, knowledge and effective international network, we are competent in offering this kind of clients the following services:
    · Analyze enterprises' basic situation and perform IPO assessment;
    · Evaluation and investigation of the enterprises' financial positions and operation results through due diligence work;
    · Put forward the rectification opinions to the problems found in reviewing the enterprises' finance, tax and internal control;
    · Discuss reviewing results with the management and provide financial plans;
    · Recommend excellent intermediaries;
    · Whole counseling until public listing.

Our professionals are familiar with domestic and abroad accountancy, audit principles and listing rules; and we believe the strong Russell Bedford International network will make you readily prepared for the IPO.

■ Internal Audit and Internal Control Advisory

Risk control is not an exercise of paper work but focuses on efficiency of management and effectiveness of control. Our team will support the management to perfect internal controls and make steady growth of enterprises.

Internal Audit

More and more enterprises find it cost-saving and independence enhancing to engage independent auditors performing internal audits.

Through many years exploration, we have summarized a set of professional internal audit methods and procedures to meet the internal audit needs in various areas for different types of enterprises such as funds management, assets management, financial reporting and internal control, etc. We aimed at identifying issues and deficiencies in design and operation of the internal controls, and providing professional advices to perfect them.

We provide the management with a clear internal audit report outlining our working procedures, identified issues and proposal issues for reference after internal audit finished.

Internal Control Advisory

The quality of internal control greatly impacts the enterprises' management level and the reliability of financial statements. Meanwhile, good internal control system can effectively prevent and correct any data misstatement, omission and fraud.

SOX 404 requires all US listed companies to issue a management report assessing its internal controls over financial reporting, meaning the management has responsibility for establishing and maintaining adequate internal controls over financial reporting for the enterprise and applying proper framework for evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls.

Therefore, continuous development of business leads to enhancing enterprises' internal control quality become inevitable.

We have a classic team composed of senior auditors, as well as accountants with industrial background which providing you about perfect internal control services:
    · Fully understanding basic information such as business operations, information flows, business types, business processes, risk areas;
    · Identifying business areas and child processes;
    · Understanding the current processes and regulations of enterprises;
    · Performing internal control test and identifying control deficiencies in both design and operation aspects;
    · Recommending international internal control framework (such as the widely accepted “COSO framework”) to you;
    · Preparing internal control process in accordance to the latest internal control theory combined with the actual situation of your enterprises;
    · Fully communication and discussion with management;
    · Trial-implementations of internal control system;
    · Confirming internal control system finally after trial-implementations and adjustments, and performing follow-up audit if requested.

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